What's New: Web Mail Client


We have added new updates and functions to the web mail interface in order to promote proper security and make the functions provided by the interface more colorful.

Two new features have been introduced:

  1. Indicates TLS encryption status
  2. Possibility to use Gravatar

--------------------TLS Padlock-------------------

In the case of a message received with TLS encryption, you will see a small padlock in the header of each letter, next to the subject. The status and color of the padlock indicate the encryption and security level of the email.

You can find a description of exactly what TLS encryption is here: WIKI

Three cases are possible:

1. Green locked padlock, meaning it arrived over a secure TLS1.2 or TLS1.3 connection.

2. Blue locked padlock, which means a letter has arrived on a secure internal system. (This is the case, for example, when you receive an internal system message.)

3. A red open padlock means you have received an unencrypted message. In many cases, this is how SPAM messages arrive, so you should pay close attention to them.

--------------------Gravatar function-------------------
The Gravatar feature allows you to add an image to your own account and make it visible to your partners who use a similar service.

1. To work, you must first register on the Gravatar website HERE.
During the registration, the email address to which you want to attach the image must be authenticated, and then the image must be uploaded. The system can resize the image to display properly.

2. You must also set your mail to allow its use. In Settings, you'll find it here (it's on by default, but it's worth checking):
If everything is set up well, within 5-10 minutes, all of your partners will see the image you posted in the open message somehow like this: