Our prices

Price list updated: 2023.01.13.

We reserve the right to change the price. Our prices are in HUF.


System administrator services, system operation:

Package Name Content Net price(HUF)/month
S System operation, system administrator services (Small) 1-5 workstations
1 Server management
One scheduled disembarkation per month
M System operation, system administrator services (Medium) 5-10 workstations
1-2 Server Management
One scheduled disembarkation per month
L System operation, system administrator services (Large) 10-20 workstations
1-2 Server Management
One scheduled disembarkation per month

Furthermore, all of the above are part of the administrator package:

  • One scheduled outing per month
  • Monitoring and updating workstations
  • Monitoring of printers
  • Network monitoring, updating and maintenance
  • Network development and planning
  • Hardware service
  • Call center
  • Online customer service system
    (IT Ticket system)
  • IT asset register and system documentation
  • Procurement of IT equipment
  • Installing, updating and configuring antivirus, firewall, software
  • Updating management software
  • Management and operation of Microsoft 365 licenses
  • One planned major maintenance per year: external and internal cleaning


Web hosting service:
In addition to system administrator services, a WEB-S package is included in the case of a 1-year contract!

Package: WEB-S WEB-M WEB-L


10.500Ft+VAT/year 15.500Ft+VAT/year 23.500Ft+VAT/year
Storage: 3.000 MB 6.000 MB 12.000 MB
MySql hosting: 1000 MB 2000 MB 3000 MB
Email hosting: 2500 MB 5000 MB 10000 MB
Number of domains that can be served: 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Database: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
*E-mail address: Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Hosting properties:

  • PHP 7.4-8.0
  • MySql
  • Scheduled task (Cron)
  • System backup
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • POP3
  • IMAP
  • SMTP
  • Webmail
  • HTTPS support
  • Supported CMS,CRM:
    Joomla, Wordpress

*The minimum size of an email account is 100MB.


SSL certificate

Available only with storage purchased from us!

Type: RapidSSL RapidSSL Wildcard


6.500Ft+VAT/year 39.500Ft+VAT/year
Authentication: DV DV
Scope: All WWW domains All WWW domains
Algorithm: RSA RSA
Encryption: 256 bit 256 bit
Public key: 2048 bit 2048 bit
Root CA: DigiCert Global G2 DigiCert Global G2
Regeneration: Free Free
Multiple domains? No No

For individual needs, request a quote by email or phone.