System construction, implementation

Our additional service related to IT operations is system design and implementation.

Contact us at any of our contact details, we can make a unique offer after an on-site survey.

Up to full implementation until the network layer is installed:

  • Copper Network Design: Design and Testing of Endpoints and Cabinet Side Patch Panels
  • Design of an optical network between distribution cabinets
  • Wifi network design and construction
  • Install and, if necessary, configure network devices. (Firewall, Switches, Routers, APs)
  • Design of server rooms: False floor system, cable duct system, wall side parapet solutions on the office side
  • Installation of servers, IT tools.
  • Telephone exchange, VOIP system design
  • Design of an IP-based camera system
  • Installation of cabinets and related PDUs, refrigeration technology.
  • Installation of uninterruptible systems

Equipment rental is also available for comprehensive service packages. Especially for administrator services. In case of remote monitoring, we provide a separate hardware VPN device.

For larger businesses, you may even need the following solutions:

  • Establishing a VPN connection between multiple sites (cost-effective solution for centralized server centers)
  • Wifi Point-to-Point connection between two buildings or sites if space permits
  • Establishing a wired connection over a column or underground over a greater distance.
  • Installation of access control system (combined with working time records if required)
  • In the case of a new site, we undertake to arrange the installation with your chosen ISP.